Liturgy is the “work of the people on behalf of the people.” It is communal in nature and invites persons to engage in ritual acts including words from the Holy One (sacred texts), words to the Holy One (prayers), and song. Christians celebrate baptism and Eucharist (liturgical acts) while Jews share liturgies around the family table at Passover. This website focuses primarily on Christian liturgy.


How our daily lives interest with liturgical year

Outline of the Liturgical Year

Sacramental Living in Advent

Sacramental Living in Lent

Sacramental Living in Ordinary Time

Times and Seasons with God

In this section you will find our reflections about liturgies in general and about liturgies for particular contexts and events. We have also included our reflection on the funeral service for our twenty-six year old grandson who died in a motorcycle accident.


A Ministry of Hospitality and Presence

Our Grandson's Funeral
Creating Rituals for Older Women (and others)
Gazing and Being Gazed Upon

Liturgical Theology of Church Architecture

Sacramental Living - A Distinctive Spirituality
The Depth Dynamic of Christian Worship