On this web-site, we are using the word “worship” as a synonym for both Christian public worship and liturgy.  However, worship can be public or private; liturgy is always corporate.  Worship can use ritual but it doesn’t have to, whereas liturgy is by nature a ritual act.  When Christians come together for corporate worship and do so according to a pattern (a “ritual”) that persists from week to week, they are doing liturgy. Christian public worship is a liturgical act.

You will find here liturgies for Eucharist (holy communion, the Lord’s Supper) that we have used as we have sought to be ever more inclusive and hospitable to all people. “Eucharist” means “thanks-giving/thanks-living” and yet there are times when tragedy strikes and it is hard to feel thankful. One of the prayers below was designed for those times of deep lament in a community’s life.



A Dialogical Great Thanksgiving Expanding Congregational Participation

A Great Thanksgiving for Elder and Deacon

A Great Thanksgiving with Lament

Eucharistic Circle at Pilgrim Place